The world of electronics and communications is fast-paced and ever changing. To help you meet these changes and a multitude of market demands,  we stock a wide range of  nickel alloys.

Well known in the industry, Nickel 270, NILO® alloy and NILOMAG® alloy 77 are used in the manufacture of anode plates, hydrogen thyratron components, passive cathodes, cathode shanks, plater bars, and transistor enclosures.

As with all high-performance nickel alloys, Nickel 270, NILO® alloy and NILOMAG® alloy 77 provide corrosion resistance, stability, workability and strength at high and low temperatures.

Nickel 270 is a commercially pure nickel, that is available in several grades. With features that include high thermal and electrical conductivities NIckel 270 is suited to electronic applications and is often used in electrical and electronics parts.

Like most nickel alloys, NILO® alloy 36 possesses a very low coefficient of thermal expansion making it an ideal alloy for optical and electronic support systems in telescope and small laser applications. 

Another of our nickel alloys,  NILOMAG® alloy 77 is used for oil field pressure management systems and aircraft pressure sensors. It's a low-loss, soft-magnetic alloy with an ability to capture and contain magnetic field emissions from computer equipment and antennae. NILOMAG® alloy 77 is particularly useful for applications in which power requirements must be minimised.

If you would like to know more about our Nickel 270 and nickel alloys NILO® alloy and NILOMAG® alloy 77, or require expert cost-saving advice on material properties, testing and immediate availability, email us on and let’s get talking.