MONEL® Alloy K-500

  • N05500
  • 2.4375

Key properties

(in annealed condition)
Tensile strength: 90.00–110.00
Yield strength: 40.00–65.00
Elongation: 45.00–25.00%
Hardness: 140.00–315.00



63.00% min






2.00% max


1.50% max


0.50% max




0.25% max


0.01% max

MONEL® Alloy K-500 is the most widely used precipitation strengthened version of the Nickel Copper family with controlled quantities of Titanium and Aluminium added during melting to the basic MONEL® alloy 400. Many suppliers claim to produce this material but it is not what is in the specification that is a concern it is what is not specified that leads to integrity issues. This produces an alloy which can be hot or cold worked and subsequently heat treated in order to create an alloy with high strength and toughness compared to the basic alloy. The use in Oil extraction, marine and chemical processing sectors for fasteners and valve internals uses this ability to the full. Combined with good machinability, and weldability to similar materials widens the scope for application

in sea water pumps, shafts and valve shafts and valve plate spring seals. Monel K-500 is widely used as doctor blades for the separation of paper strip from rollers in the continuous production of paper products. Available as machined or precision ground bar, in either the annealed or fully heat treated condition, through to forgings and as sheet or strip to international and military (QQ N ) specifications. The corrosion resistance in anhydrous hydrofluoric acid is excellent allowing valves, stems and internals to be manufactured from the alloy. In seawater service screens, housings, filters, piping and fittings can be constructed in a combination of MONEL® alloy 400 and MONEL® Alloy K-500.