INCOLOY® and INCONEL® alloys have a wide range of applications in thermal processing. They show extreme strength and stability in high temperatures, and resistance to corrosion caused by intense furnace atmospheres. 

Applications include furnace components such as belts, hearths, muffles, radiant tubes and retorts plus the jigs and carriers used in heat treatment processes.

INCOLOY® alloy DS develops a tightly adherent oxide film that protects its surface against corrosion processes. INCOLOY alloy DS may be heated indefinitely within the 600-900°C range without fear of ‘sigma’ phase embrittlement, and it is for this reason that it is used in a wide variety of high temperature process equipment.

INCOLOY ® alloy 800 is  utilised by heat treatment companies to endure repeating thermal cycles and oxidising and reducing atmospheres of temperatures in excess of 1050°C. It is resistant to chloride stress-corrosion cracking. In nuclear power plants, it is used for steam-generator tubing. It is ideal in applications requiring greater resistance to stress rupture and creep, especially at temperatures above 1500°F (816°C),

Temperatures such as the 1250°C found in ceramic tile roller furnaces, require INCONEL® alloy 600. The alloy is a standard material of construction for nuclear reactors. It has excellent resistance to corrosion by high-purity water, and no indication of chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking in reactor water systems has been detected. For nuclear applications, the alloy is produced to exacting specifications.

INCONEL® alloy 601 is resistant to oxidation at very high temperatures up to 1250C. Even under severe conditions (such as, cyclical heating and cooling) this alloy has a tightly adherent oxide layer that resists spalling. INCONEL® alloy 601's resistance to carburisation is good. It is also resistant to carbon nitriding conditions. Commonly found in thermal reactors in exhaust system of petrol engines, INCONEL alloy 601 has good resistance in oxidising sulphur-bearing atmospheres at elevated temperatures.

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