INCONEL® 600 Alloy

  • N06600
  • 2.4816

Key properties

(in annealed condition)
Tensile strength: 80.00–100.00
Yield strength: 25.00–50.00
Elongation: 55.00–35.00%
Hardness: 88.00



72.00% min






1.00% max


0.50% max


0.50% max


0.15% max


0.01% max

INCONEL® 600 Alloy is combination of Nickel Chromium and Iron provides a standard material for the chemical industry and the automotive engine, aeroengine and airframe sectors. Controlled chemical composition limits are applied in the nuclear industry to eliminate the risk of stress corrosion cracking by high purity water containing chloride ions. From its introduction to industry in the 1930’s the alloy has developed into a wide spectrum of applications for high temperature strength and

corrosion resistance. A widely used thermocouple sheath material in carbon or nitrogen rich atmospheres the alloy continues in use as an excellent muffle construction material and is also used for jigs and fixtures in heat treatment processes. Controlling the compositional limits and correctly processing and thermally annealing the material is essential to avoid pitting and the risk of stress corrosion cracking in some service environments.

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Key applications of INCONEL 600

  • Exhaust liners
  • High temperature airframe components
  • High temperature engine
  • Lockwire
  • Turbine seals
  • Bubble towers
  • Condensers for processing of fatty acids
  • Evaporator tubes
  • Flaking trays
  • Heaters
  • Stills
  • Tube sheets
  • Cathode-ray tube spiders
  • Grids
  • Springs
  • Thyratron
  • Tube support members
  • Retorts
  • Muffles
  • Roller hearths
  • Furnace components
  • Heat-treating baskets
  • Heat-treating trays