Alloys from the INCOLOY® and INCONEL® series have many applications within the petrochemical process industry, due to their outstanding high temperature corrosion resistance.

Petrochemical products have created a demand for materials that resist the synthesis in Fischer-Tropsch reactors and associated equipment, so INCOLOY® and INCONEL® alloys are predominant in technologies that capture and convert coal, gas and biomass into fuel.

INCONEL® alloy 693 offers the best resistance to metal dusting in chemical and petrochemical processing environments - more than any conventional alloy currently manufactured. It is for this reason that INCONEL® alloy 693 has been adopted by the majority of syngas designers as being the most aggressive component in gas to liquids conversion processes.

Designed for use in petrochemical, chemical and thermal processing applications, INCOLOY® alloy 803 provides an exceptional level of high-temperature corrosion resistance in oxidation, sulfidation, carburisation and nitridation environments. In addition to preventing thermal distortion and embrittlement, INCOLOY® alloy 803 has excellent stress-rupture strengths and a high resistance to carburisation and cyclic oxidation. These characteristics combine to make INCOLOY® alloy 803 the material of choice for many severe applications, including ID-finned pyrolysis tubing in high-severity ethylene furnaces.

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