From industrial furnaces to household goods like water heaters and toasters where electrical resistance materials are a prerequisite, nickel-chromium alloys such as those in the RESISTOHM® and BRIGHTRAY® SERIES are used for wire, ribbon and strip heating elements.

As electrical resistance materials, these alloys have an extended lifetime under fluctuating temperatures, particularly when used in heating elements that are being continually switched on and off. Able to withstand temperatures up to 1150°C, the RESISTOHM® and BRIGHTRAY® alloys offers excellent resistance in reducing, neutral and oxidising environments.

The BRIGHTRAY® series are used for starter and braking resistors in heating elements, locomotives and heavy engineering applications.

INCOLOY® alloys and INCONEL® alloys, particularly INCOLOY® alloy 800, INCONEL® alloy 600 and INCONEL® alloy 601 are effective additions to the electrical resistance series. 

These alloys are also oxidation and corrosion resistant materials, and are well-suited for service in extreme environments where they are subjected to pressure and heat. These electrical resistance materials have excellent mechanical strength and resistance at high temperatures and have a good surface stability.

When heated, the INCOLOY® and INCONEL® alloys form a thick, stable, passivating oxide layer protecting the surface from further attack, making them ideal for seam-welded tubing for element sheathing,
INCOLOY® alloy 800, INCONEL® alloy 600 and INCONEL® alloy 601 are used in with furnace furniture constructed in the same material for maximum resistance to the environment.

When it comes to electrical resistance materials, we have extensive experience regarding applications and can provide the latest technical information and performance data, as well as information on immediate availability and cost.

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