July 2011 welcomed a fresh face at Corrotherm International with the arrival of our newest Sales Manager, 31 year old Sayeed Junied.

Having worked for both stainless steel piping suppliers Gerab National Enterprises and Dylan Export BV in Abu Dhabi previously, Sayeed has now joined the Corrotherm International team in Dubai. We are delighted to have Sayeed on board, as we know he will be a real asset to the company.

Sayeed is a keen people person, enjoying the interaction he has with his clients. He explains that a solid relationship in this area creates plenty of opportunity to discover new information, and the chance to really determine what the customer is looking for. Customer service is key to Sayeed and his work ethic – which fits in just fine with us at Corrotherm International.

Sayeed is eager to get involved in boosting enquiries surrounding our specialty metals, explaining…

‘It will be a combination of sales, administrative management and customer relations.’

This doesn’t mean to say he is only looking at new clients however. Sayeed is enthusiastic to deliver high standards of service to our existing clientele, explaining…

‘With my inclusion in Corrotherm, customers in this region will definitely feel the positive difference in dealing with us. Corrotherm has a reputation of being a quality service provider and being very customer friendly. Existing clients can expect the same high quality service and I am striving hard to meet these expectations. New clients will definitely not be disappointed with our work.’

He is looking forward to building a solid team and opening new branches across the Middle East with the chance to deliver our quality nickel alloys to new markets.

Sayeed seems just as thrilled to be on board as we are to have him, explaining…

‘The team is fantastic and very supportive which has given me new impetus to accelerate the company’s growth’.

That’s what we like to hear!

If you're heading to Stainless Steel World in November or just fancy a chat, do get in touch with Sayeed anytime on his mobile (+971 50 481 6011) or via email at sayeed.junied@corrotherm.co.uk As he says,

‘No any issue is too big or small – don’t just leave it, I am sure we will find a solution for you.’

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