Applications and Properties of Inconel 601

Inconel alloy 601 is a widely popular Nickel-Chromium alloy that offers design engineers and manufacturers a superior alloy for use at elevated temperatures. Known for its versatility, high strength, and good weldability under a wide range of temperatures.

Inconel alloy 601 exhibits exceptional properties like resistance to oxidation and other media at the high temperatures, adequate resistance to aqueous corrosion and is known for its mechanical strength and high tensile strength at room and higher temperatures.

Properties Inconel alloy 601 applications and other properties –

The combination of nickel (61.5 %), chromium (22.5 %), and aluminium (1.4 %) content of Inconel alloy 601 makes it a superalloy that offers excellent resistance to corrosion. Inconel alloy 601 can resist spalling even under severe thermal cycling conditions. Due to the alloys high nickel content, it is extremely resistant to chloride-ion stress-corrosion in some of the most tough environments.

With exceptional mechanical strength, Inconel alloy 601 strength level varies with the condition and form of the material. Commonly, the annealed condition is used for tensile-limited applications (temperatures below 1000°F(540°C)) and the solution-treated condition is used for rupture-limited applications (temperatures of and above 1000°F (540°C)). Under various testing conditions, Inconel alloy 601 has also shown resistance to oxidation, carburization and sulfidation.

Inconel alloy 601 superior creep rupturing strength enables its usage at industries that operate under high temperatures over an extensive period of time. It is not embrittled by constant exposure to high temperature. It also has very high fatigue strength. But the annealed material has higher fatigue strength than solution-treated material.

Applications of Inconel alloy 601

With such beneficial properties, Inconel alloy 601 has a broad range of applications - from aerospace and pollution control to chemical processing and thermal processing.

Alloy 601 in Chemical Processing

The Inconel alloy 601 finds its most significant application in chemical processing. The applications for Inconel alloy 601 can be – insulating cans in ammonia reformers, catalyst support grids and combustor components in nitric acid production, heaters and condenser tubes.

Alloy 601 in Aerospace

Used in blades and containment rings in gas turbines, combustion-can liners, jet-engine igniters, seals and combustors and diffuser assemblies.

Alloy 601 in Power generation

The Inconel alloy 601 is also used in the power-generation industry for the ash-handling systems, grid barriers and superheater tube support.

Alloy 601 in Petrochemical processing

The Inconel alloy 601 is used for air preheaters and catalyst regenerators for manufacturing polyethylene in petrochemical processing units.

Alloy 601 in Thermal processing equipment

In industrial furnaces, Inconel alloy 601 is used for various applications like radiant tubes, flame shields, retorts, chain curtains, burner nozzles, strand-annealing tubes, woven-wire conveyor belt and electrical resistance heating elements. They can also be used for thermal applications like furnace generators, infrared radiant screen and thermocouple protection tubes. Industrial-thermal applications like trays, fixtures and baskets can also utilise Inconel alloy 601.

Alloy 601 in Pollution control devices

Inconel alloy 601 can also be useful in the exhaust systems and thermal reactors of gasoline engines. They can also be used as pollution control devices in the combustion chambers of solid waste incinerators. To know more about Inconel alloy 601, connect with our customer in-charge team or read more here!

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