Choosing the right metal alloy supplier for your business
If you’re working on a new project, make sure you choose the right metal alloy supplier for your material needs

When working on a new project in any industry, there are some big decisions that a design engineer needs to make. For a start, the right metal alloy needs to be selected, which is a complex task in itself. The right material has to balance the key requirements of the project, the environment it needs to operate in and the budget of the project.

Just as important as the Grade of material itself, is choosing the right metal alloy supplier. The last thing a project on a tight deadline needs is production delays or problems in material quality and delivery.

The UK manufacturing industry has a lot of different suppliers to choose from, so how do you select the one that’s best for your business? Whether you’re looking to source the highest-quality INCONEL alloys, such as INCONEL alloy 625, or need advice on the best material options for your project, the right supplier can help you get exactly what you need, on time.

What to look for

First and foremost, you need to find a supplier that is reliable and trustworthy. This means having consistently reliable delivery times, good customer relations and strong communication. Within the UK manufacturing industry, you can usually find out about a supplier’s past history with other clients. Reviews and recommendations from others who have used a service can tell you a lot about any supplier. Good metal alloy suppliers tend to spread via word of mouth, so ask around.

It’s not just the ability to deliver the materials on time, but the quality of materials as well. You want a supplier that has low rejection rates – ie, the quality of materials is high enough that there is no need to send parts back because they don’t meet the tolerance levels of your project. Again, previous customer testimonials can give you an insight into this. It’s no good having the materials delivered fast if they’re not fit for purpose – a badly manufactured part could play havoc with your production machinery.

Company insights

Once you have a company in mind, or a shortlist of recommendations, it’s worth doing a little more research into the company itself. They should have a quality policy, as well as a list of accreditations, ISO certificates and policy statements that are publicly visible. These cover everything from their health and safety policies, to quality and environmental statements. In order to get an up-to-date certificate, a company needs to show consistent and sustained implementation of best practices across the industry.

It can also help to find out a little more about the team and company history – after all, you’ll be working with them closely during the production process. Most company websites will have an About section to give you an overview of the company and key personnel. When you find a team and a supplier that’s right for you, you can go back to them time and again for future work.

If you’re looking for a nickel alloy for your next project, get in touch with the Corrotherm team today, where one of our experienced sales advisors will talk through your requirements.

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